Hello, I’m Nayumi! 

This is what I look like
(most days): 

I am a print and digital designer that enjoys vintage/retro inspired design, and sophisticated but playful designs -but I would say one of my key skills as a designer is my adaptability to a wide range of styles. 

My “special sauce” as a designer is my expertise in arts and crafts. I grew up with an arts and crafts mum, so scrapbooking, mosaicing, and sewing, was pretty much part of my daily routine. So in my design processes I like to tie in physical art methods in my illustrations, experimentations and problem solving.

In life, my decision making is easily swayed by really good design. I’m guilty of judging a book by its cover, buying products for its packaging, and going to see events or films that have really cool posters (you know how people put stickers on their laptops, I would stick beautiful soap packaging on mine). And simply put, that’s the kind of design I want to create -the kind that stops people in their tracks, and draws them to it to the point where they feel they must make it their own. 

My goal as a designer, is to help as many people as possible through my skillsets and abilities. Personal projects are fun, but collaborative projects are what really excite me. Whether it’s working with a client, a team, friends or family, or even a perfect stranger, I’m always itching to help out and get myself involved in any way possible. 

Plese don’t hesitate to reach out! Always happy to chat!

Find my projects and updates on my instagram @bynayumi !