Life in Italics
By Catherine Griffiths

Radio Types Brief

Based off Catherine Griffiths’ Type Radio Interview, my impressions of her can be described as a calm and collected individual, with unwavering composure, who carefully thinks through each of her responses before delivering it with precision and a certain sense of tension. However, Life in Italics by Helen Waters does not demonstrate Griffiths’ personality in an apparent manner, and in a way, Walter’s writing overshadows Griffiths’ calm personality. Therefore, my aim in this project was to convey Griffiths’ personality and way of speaking through visuals, symbols and text arrangement.

Griffiths’ silences and pauses are arguably the most noticeable and ironically speak volumes about her composed personality. To show this, I divided certain areas of Griffiths’ sentences in which she pauses in, and inserted dash symbols to represent time intervals and to halt the readers in a similar way one would wait for Griffiths to deliver her finishing line. The dash symbols increase in thickness and weight to portray how the pauses grow louder leading into her next line of speech. Furthermore, to emphasise the idea of amplifying silences, I used static textures in my spreads to represent the white noise that surrounds speech and occupies the spaces in between.